Things to do

This year, I'd like to be intentional about actually getting around to the things I've said I'd like to do. Some of these are experiences I've already had and loved, while others are experiences that I'd love to enjoy for the very first time with you. Let me know if anything sticks out to you and we can get started planning it out :)

  • A picnic somewhere secluded and beautiful
  • See a game: baseball, hockey, football, basketball
  • Take a helicopter or boat ride
  • Make dinner together
  • Go on a hike
  • Visit a vineyard
  • Eat oysters by the ocean
  • Attend a risqué party
  • Complete a tasting menu
  • Visit a National Park or UNESCO world heritage site
  • Work up a sweat together (gym, fitness class, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Horeseback riding
  • Cozy up to a warm fireplace as it snows outside
  • An evening with you and two (or more!) of my friends
  • Piano bar or other live music
  • Skinny dipping with a view


Places to go

Each month, whether for a brief weekend or an extended holiday, I try to visit a new or beloved locale. Below you will find a list of places I have dreamed of and places I'd like to spend more time getting to know (in no particular order). This list is woefully incomplete and I encourage you to send me any ideas you have in mind! For a taste of what it might be like to travel with yours truly, take a look at my blog post on the topic.

  • North America: Mérida // Vancouver // Tulum // Napa // New Orleans // Chicago
  • South America: Cusco // Bogotá // Buenos Aires // Patagonia // São Paulo
  • Caribbean: Havana // Costa Rica // Barbados // Anguilla // St. Barths
  • Europe: Amsterdam // Santorini // London // Lisbon // Croatia // Amalfi Coast // Swiss Alps
  • Middle East/North Africa: Marrakech // Gran Canaria // Istanbul
  • East, West, South Africa: Tanzania // Nairobi // Cape Town // Mozambique
  • Asia: Singapore // Phuket // Bali // Seoul // Bangkok // Tokyo // Maldives



For the civically minded admirer, a donation of any amount made to one (or more!) of these organizations in my name, would make me smile! If none of these organizations manages to pique your interest, send me a note and I can suggest a few alternatives.