On Travel Engagements


Though we've only just arrived, I'm already topless at the side of the pool, adorned only with a sun-drunk grin and barely-there bottoms; My skin gleaming in a way that only tropical sunlight and the over-use of coconut and olive oils can illicit. I'm beckoning to you in hopes that you'll leave the shadow of our villa's door and come join me. We'll take turns exploring each other under the guise of applying sunscreen and when we're done, I'll be wearing nothing at all but that grin.

Olivia Cabot preparing.png
cute on beach.jpg

Or maybe I've made sure to pack my most stylish (yet comfortable!) sneakers for long days spent winding our way through city streets? And if that is the case, I hope that at least once we find ourselves lost and nearly sick of retracing our steps through alleyways and byways ripe with the stories of travelers. We'll stop at some local watering hole for a taste of anything cool and liquored, marveling at the warmth and skill of the one-person show: owner-chef-hostess-waiter-bartender-cleaning staff all in one. The decor is simple, worn and perfect.

Olivia Cabot looking back.png

No matter where you've envisioned our rendezvous, know that I am content with an even blend of lazy moments and intense exploration. I hope that we do at least one thing we've never done before; That we find a new favorite dish that we struggle to re-create once we've made our way home. To be safe, I'll brush up on my Spanish and try my damnedest not to forget it all when we need it most. Weeks after our return, we'll find remnants of our adventures deep in our pockets and between the pages of the novels we brought with us. Our escape will be memorialized in words or in photographs, but mostly in the folds of our memories. 


*That insatiable lust for travel is back again and as is often the case, I'm more than willing to yield to temptation. However, for reasons of safety, admirers who I have yet to see, but who are interested in a travel engagement, will require additional screening and a phone call to ensure compatibility.  Bespoke, international travel rates will include my travel expenses and are heavily incentivized to reflect my preference for engagements of the like. With the details of your budget and proposed itinerary in hand, I look forward to hearing from you.