I saw her enter the bar and immediately decided that something needed to be done about the dull ache between my legs. How long had it been since I'd been intimate with a woman? Three months? Four? Too long. I was overdue. She, like me, was alone and confident in her solitude. Her presence seemed to announce itself: a breathtaking disruption without fanfare; The kind of woman who turned heads without even meaning to. When she set herself down in the bar-stool next to mine and proceeded to introduce herself, I smiled and did the same. We were a few drinks in before we silently agreed that fewer clothes and less space were needed between us. 

I awoke slowly the next morning to a room that looked nothing like my own. A wide grin spread leisurely across my face as I noticed a pair of smooth legs tangled in mine; warm breath tickling my left ear. Sunlight danced across the walls and played a game of chase on the bronzed expanse of her skin. It was a scene I could watch for hours. I smirked knowing that before we had fallen into bed, her hair had been perfectly coiffed. Now, a few errant curls splayed across her bleached white pillowcase, creating a sort of deadly halo around her face. It almost made me miss the days when I'd had a full-head of kinks for lovers to pull on. 

I shifted slightly, dislodging the small, ribbed vibrator that had apparently been hiding between my shoulder blades and the mattress. Without waking she moved even closer, pressing her small breasts against my arm and nuzzling gently further into my neck. I loved seeing her like this: Unburdened, unguarded, smelling faintly of last night's ecstasy. Still lost to sleep, her chest rose and fell with each breath that passed her lips. Lips that were soft, full, and devilishly thorough when left to explore the space between my thighs: a nip on the left, a nip on the right and a gradual ascent to the center of it all was my first undoing. 

My second came when she did: Fingers grasping desperately at the sheets; back and neck extended into an exaggerated curve; shallow gasps coloring her breath. Moving one hand to the back of my head, she encouraged me to continue. I sensed a challenge in the hooded glance she threw my way. Ever a competitive spirit, I ran my nails lightly down her inner thighs, intent on eliciting the final moans that I suspected she was after. Covering her with my tongue in a slow and persistent circular motion, I moved my right hand to her neck and waited for her to confirm that a gentle squeeze was something she would enjoy... A few moments later and I could see her falling over the edge.