Liv's reading list (May)

It is a well known fact that rainy days are made for hot tea, good books and snugly blankets. I could easily transition right into a poetic musing on the distinct sound of rainfall kissing rooftops, or casually reference the freedom in singing/dancing/screaming/f-cking in the rain... but I'll spare you the cliche and save myself the embarrassment. Instead, I thought I'd share my reading list for the month with you:

  1. The Chosen Place, The Timeless People by Paule Marshall
  2. Bone Black by bell hooks
  3. Never Caught by Erica Armstrong Dunbar

I'm planning to make this a monthly series, so if there's something you think I absolutely need to read next month, feel free to tweet at me, or send me a note. I'm really trying to read more fiction this spring/summer so please, please, please share your favorite novels! If you'd like an idea of what kinds of literature I usually get excited about, my Amazon Wishlist might be helpful, but don't let it limit you; All suggestions are certainly welcome.  

Happy reading, folks :)

Liv xx