It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
— John Wooden


Any financial amounts mentioned within the contents of this website are for my time, companionship and sunshiny disposition only. Under no circumstances should they be misunderstood or misrepresented to be a contractual agreement or exchange for sexual or intimate services. They are not. 

Inquiries including explicit/coded language or attempts to negotiate rates will go unanswered.



I reserve the right to request a deposit (typically 20%) for any appointment at my sole discretion. Travel requires a 50% deposit. Deposits can be made via e-gift card, a discreet payment app or cash. If you would prefer to make your deposit in cash, get in contact, I have a few options available for you.

In the event that you need to cancel, I ask only that you allow me at least 48 hours notice. Your deposit will be held in my possession and may be used towards our next date occurring within 6 months of the cancellation. If I did not collect a deposit, a minimum 20% cancellation fee must be paid before you may re-book (amount dependent upon length of engagement). On the rare occasion that I need to cancel, your deposit will, of course, be refunded in full within 24 hours.


Screening ensures that I feel safe entrusting you with unsupervised access to my person. This peace of mind provides me with the sense of comfort and safety that I need in order to fully focus my attentions on you and our time together.

Rest assured that all of your screening information will remain strictly confidential and be seen by my eyes only.



In this industry, cash is king. Please place the patronage in an unsealed envelope in a readily visible location within 5 minutes of our meeting. If we’re beginning in public, just stick it in a card or your favorite book and hand it to me as we greet one another like old friends (we are friends, aren’t we?)

I am also happy to accept electronic payments (+9% fee) via PayPal into a discreetly named business account. This is only available for established friends and those who are referred by someone I know personally. If we are seeing one another frequently or for extended engagements, partial electronic payments are strongly encouraged when possible. For multi-day engagements, I might ask that part of my rate be paid in gold bullion.


I am not currently a member of any US industry review boards. If my legitimacy is of concern to you, I am Eros, Preferred411 and Slixa verified (meaning I look like my pictures, am of legal age and have a stellar reputation). Discretion - both mine and yours - is paramount for me. As such, I request that you not divulge any identifying details of our time together or of my personal life to anyone else on any public, private or social forums. I will, of course, reciprocate this courtesy!



I have a US passport and my weekender always at the ready! Rates will vary based on the length of our trip and how much time you anticipate spending together. In order to keep this process as simple as possible, the quoted rate will include my transportation (which I will book myself). For multi-day trips, I ask for a few hours of alone time each day and at least six-seven hours of sleep each night. These two things are integral to me being the smiling, adventurous companion you deserve :) If you are interested in travel, I strongly encourage you to plan ahead! Schedules and transportation can be very hard to manage under the added pressure of plans made on short notice. Read more about what you can expect in my diary.


  • I do not currently maintain a permanent hosting space and would prefer to come to you, however, if you would still prefer that I host, I am happy to secure a luxury apartment or hotel (provided I am given adequate notice). A 90 minute minimum applies for appointments at my place when I am not on tour.

  • In a past life, I was perennially late for everything. As a result, I know very well that sometimes we get stuck in traffic or just can't find those damn keys anywhere! With this in mind, I will allow for 15 min of off the clock "cushion" time. However, after that window has closed, our scheduled time together will begin with or without you.